Tactical Security LLC

Tactical Security is a leading provider of protection and security services providing both armed and unarmed security specialists for virtually every security and protection need.

Our diverse staff of seasoned professional agents and officers enables us to custom design our services to meet the individual needs of the client and their event.

Tactical Security provides programs specifically designed to meet the needs of employers including I.D. cards, background checks, credit checks and more!

Tactical Security offers a wide array of services which can be customized to our client's needs including a wide variety of process services and civil case investigations.

tt_devices (1)TrackTik believes that security workforce management should not only be stress-free and simple, but also efficient and profitable. The goal of their software is to
improve services offered to you and your team to bring everyone to an entirely new level of management. Our system’s accountability allows you to compete through demonstrated value.

What is TrackTik?

A mobile and web based management software system for your workforce. It gives you the opportunity to monitor compliance, tracking, and solutions to scheduling within the security industry. It was made to facilitate management and improve upon efficiency. The web and mobile based platform gives managers and clients real-time looks into their operating systems while also being multi-featured, customizable, and responsive!

TrackTik not only offers transparency and but also gives you:
  • Increased Client Satisfaction
  • Efficiency and Reduced Labor Hours
  • Improved Guard Accountability

Discover the future of guard management today!