Tactical Security LLC

Accountability & Transparency

Tactical Security, a full-service security and investigations agency dedicated to exceeding client expectations. Tactical Security provides services to private, corporate and industrial clients, both large and small. From armed and unarmed security services, including use of off-duty police officers, and personal protection, to private investigations and employment services, our full range of security services makes us a truly one-stop resource for all of your security related needs.

Managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced law enforcement and security professionals, we pride ourselves in providing solutions that are both affordable and effective.

Tactical Security stands ready to meet your needs promptly and efficiently, through highly trained officers and agents, using the latest in security methods and technologies.


Professional Security

Tactical Security is a leading provider of protection and security services providing both armed and unarmed security specialists for virtually every security and protection need.

Our diverse staff of seasoned professional agents and officers enables us to custom design our services to meet the individual needs of the client and their event.

Tactical Security provides programs specifically designed to meet the needs of employers including I.D. cards, background checks, credit checks and more!

Tactical Security offers a wide array of services which can be customized to our client's needs including a wide variety of process services and civil case investigations.

Tactical Security is a leading provider of protection and security services in Illinois and Wisconsin. Tactical Security stands ready to meet your security needs promptly and efficiently.

Tactical Security provides training, both initial and advanced, to qualified applicants. Seasonal positions may be available during the summer months (April-October), as well as part-time and full-time regular positions.